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Jewish Roots Part II

And if the part of the dough offered as firstfruits be holy, then the whole batch is holy; and if the root is holy, so are the branches. – Romans 11:16 There are two parallel, or complementary, metaphors here—one about bread, and the other about roots/trees. On the surface, the [...]

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What are Jewish/Hebrew Roots?

“Jewish Roots” or “Hebrew Roots” is a very popular subject today in the Body of Christ, with many books, teaching ministries, homepages, etc., on the subject. After centuries of “Replacement Theology,” and anti-Semitism from the historic church, we are witnessing a revival of Christian “philo-semitism” and positive interest in Israel. [...]

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How to “Connect” with Israel? (Part 2)

In Part I, we learned that according to the Bible, “Israel” can mean: a) the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob--the Jewish people  b) the Jewish nation in its Land, and c) the Remnant of believers in Yeshua—Jew & Gentile together. The Olive Tree metaphor of Romans 11 demands [...]

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