December 31, 2011

Oil and Oil Press

©December 31, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries By Asher Intrater The name Gethsemane in Hebrew is “Gat Shmanim,” meaning “Oil Press.” It is the place where olives are brought and crushed; the skin and pit are strained and separated. The result […]

December 24, 2011

Christmas in Indonesia

©December 24, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries Asher and Solomon ministered at a number of churches and conferences in Bangkok and Jakarta this past week. Christmas in Indonesia Indonesia has the largest Muslim population of any nation (and the 4th largest […]

December 17, 2011


©December 17, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries Asher Intrater The word for “eternity” in Hebrew is “Netsach”. The word for “victory” is “Netsachon” – which could be literally translated as “a little part of eternity.” Our spiritual victory in this life […]

December 10, 2011

Love One Another

©December 10, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries In our Jerusalem congregation (Ahavat Yeshua) this week, the message started with a simple “Bible quiz.” What is the common element in the following verses from John? John 13:34 – A new commandment I […]

December 3, 2011

Yes and No

©December 3, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries Nine of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5), are based on the word, “No.” no other gods no idols no use of God’s name in vain no work on seventh day no murder […]

November 26, 2011

Signs of the Times

©November 26, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries by Asher Intrater The entire Middle East is in an unprecedented time of upheaval. The clashes are between “old guard” dictatorships, militant Jihadist groups trying to takeover, and liberal elements seeking freedom. I Chronicles […]

November 19, 2011

Israeli Children Statistics

©November 19, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries In 2010 there were 2.53 million children in Israel (under the age of 17). Of these 1.759 million were Jewish (- the rest being primarily Arab). 166,000 children were born last year (- 120,000 […]

November 12, 2011

Firstborn and Siblings

©November 12, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries By Pastor Jonathan Switzer My experience is as the third born child in our family.  I will never be first born. The first-born bears weight and responsibility that the rest of the children will […]

November 5, 2011

John 17 Unity and the Messianic Remnant of Israel

©November 5, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries Asher Intrater Recently in prayer, I sensed the following insight. I present it for your discernment: The time has come for the Messianic remnant of Israel to take a place of leadership in the […]

October 29, 2011

Love Involves Pain

©October 29, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries Asher Intrater Love is the highest value of the kingdom (I Corinthians 13:13). It is the central motivation of all the commandments (Mark 12:30-31). It is the character of God Himself (I John 4:8). […]

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