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While we do not provide these services, we strongly recommend Sar El Tours for your trip planning consideration.

In Israel, the spring and fall feasts are family events that are most often celebrated in the home. Congregations rarely, if ever, host large services open to the public. With that said, if you are hoping to connect with the local body of believers in Israel, we do not recommend that you plan your visit during these times. Unless you have prearranged plans with family and/or friends in Israel, we cannot provide an invitation to a private family celebration.

In some cases, if invited in advance to a conference in Israel, Asher and the team are prepared to come teach and minister. However, for tour groups it is much preferable that you come to our morning sessions in our prayer room. If you would like to plan a visit, please contact our Israel Office in advance.

We offer casual translation from Hebrew to English as well as other languages depending on availability.

We meet from 8:00 to 11:00 Monday-Thursday in the Revive Israel prayer room. Due to occasional schedule changes, please contact our Israel Office in advance should you wish to plan a visit.

While we welcome visitors to our congregation, we must also inform you that due to our vision for the congregation to provide and maintain a Jewish-Israeli atmosphere as well as a Shabbat experience for our local community, we do not offer or allow translation without special permission.

In addition, due to limited seating, we are not able to accommodate groups larger than 10.

For security reasons, we cannot provide the address of the congregation. If you are coming to Israel and would like to visit one of our congregations, you can learn more here:

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Many such questions often require lengthy answers that take time to research and prepare.

We have published a number of articles on a variety of subjects for your perusal and self-education in our blog.

It is our belief that discipleship is more than theological education and counseling. Discipleship is also born of daily, face to face relationship and the sharing of life experiences. Therefore, we only offer discipleship to Hebrew speaking Israeli citizens and permanent residents in Israel.

In order to be in compliance with Israeli law, our employees must be Israeli citizens or residents.

We currently have no volunteer program available for internationals.

Making Aliyah is a complex legal process. While we cannot provide you with assistance in this process, we recommend that you start here:

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice

NOTE: Identifying as a Messianic Jew or using Messianic Jewish connections could be problematic for your process and even prevent its completion.

According to Israeli law, Aliyah is only available to those of documented Jewish descent and documented converts to Judaism.

Revive Israel and Yad Hashmona are separate legal entities. Revive Israel is a non-profit organization whose offices are located on the property of Yad Hashmona. Moshav Yad Hashmona is a residential community with a number of businesses as well as its own non-profit organization. Other than personal relationships between our team members and residents of the moshav, and a few select projects in which we are partners, we have no direct involvement in their internal affairs.

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Please contact our translation coordinator at:

Please also note that all translation work is strictly volunteer.

While Asher himself does not personally manage or monitor any of Revive Israel’s media or social media outlets, our ministry team does. We do our best to reply to as many inquiries as we can but if we missed you, please contact us through one of the forms above.

Unfortunately, due to the number of global requests of this nature that we receive, we cannot give out Asher’s personal contact information. You can however contact representatives from our team using the contact forms above.

Unfortunately, due to Asher’s schedule it is unlikely, if not impossible, to arrange a personal and/or private meeting.

However, Asher can often be found in the Revive Israel worship room during the Revive Israel team’s morning worship and prayer times. He also often teaches during the second part of the morning session.

NOTE: Asher’s teaching schedule changes from week to week so be sure to coordinate with our Israel Office if you are planning a visit and would like to come and hear Asher teach.