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January 23, 2015
Seventy Years

Turning Point

Seventy years is described in the Scriptures as a period to fulfill historic prophecies and punishments. The 70-year period is related to the concept of “visiting the sins of the parents” and a 70 year life-span. Seventy years more or less completes the cycle of one generation giving birth to the next, and the first generation passing away…

January 16, 2015
Apostolic Order

Apostolic Order

Apostolic order has two meanings; first we seek to order congregational life according to the teaching of the original Apostles in the first century as can be reasonably applied in our current day. Second we order our congregations under apostolic leaders who are chosen by God today and supernaturally confirmed as the servant-overseers of congregations. This is an issue of God’s government…

January 9, 2015
Mystery of Unity

Jew & Gentile – The Mystery of Unity

Romans 11 and Ephesians 3 are parallel but opposite passages. They solve the mystery of the relationship between Jew and Gentile, Israel and the Nations; a mystery which goes all the way back to the two covenants between Noah and Abraham. Noah’s came first and had to do with God’s […]

December 26, 2014
Life of Character

Life of Character

Character is part of our life witness. The call to character, whereby we die to self is little taught in the Western church. People who are growing in Kingdom character will learn to love one another more and more. Godly character is a foundational pillar of the Kingdom of God…

December 19, 2014
Crossing the Kidron

Crossing the Kidron

Yeshua prayed this magnificent prayer for His disciples, presumably on Mount Zion, and then crossed the Kidron valley to pray the blood-sweating prayer of Gethsemane. The two prayers were approximately an hour apart. There is a spiritual connection between them…

December 12, 2014
Bible Study

Prophecy and the Middle East

In order to build a biblical framework for interpreting current events in the Middle East, it would be correct to examine the perspectives of the ancient prophets of Israel. Those prophets often spoke of God’s will concerning “political” events in the Middle East…

December 5, 2014
The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed

Gospel of the Kingdom

Where is the Kingdom of God promised by the prophets? In Yeshua the Kingdom had come in such a way that it could be embraced and entered into. Yeshua demonstrated that the Kingdom really had appeared and was available even though the final fullness of this Kingdom established over all the Earth would still await a future intervention.

November 14, 2014
Tested by Fire


Faithfulness is faith that has been tested and proven over time. Faithfulness is faith that has passed the test of patience and trials. When faith goes through the process of persecution, difficulties, challenges and temptations, it develops into faithfulness…

October 31, 2014
discipling the nations

Discipling the Nations

From the time of the fall, God voiced His commitment to the redemption of the peoples who would be born. In the covenant with Abraham, God promised that all the peoples of the earth would be blessed through Abraham’s seed.

October 24, 2014
Book of Revelation

The 24 Elders

Their proximity to the throne of God is beyond imagination. How could anyone ever reach such a position of near divinity? In all six mentions of the 24 elders we find them doing the exact same thing…

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