Interdependent End Time Generation

The promise of the Holy Spirit being poured out on all flesh before Yeshua's return should bring us much hope as we see darkness increasing in the earth. Will the Spirit be poured out suddenly like in Acts 2, but this time all over the earth? Or will it be gradually poured out at different times and places? I believe both will happen...

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Strive for Unity

Unity is always a priority for the kingdom of God. Working for unity is never easy. It involves overcoming opposition, going against the stream, bridging differences between people, fighting against the devil. It is painful, because it involves getting close to people who have hurt us. Yet unity is necessary for the good of everyone...

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“Oil on the Beard”

In Acts 1, we find Yeshua's disciples praying together in one heart under the leadership of the apostles. As a result, the fire of the Holy Spirit was poured out in Acts 2. This unified prayer demanded extraordinary investment in covenantal relationships between them “horizontally,” as well as devotional purity towards God “vertically.”

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