sha'ar hakerem (improved)

Revive Israel was started by seeking to follow the example of Yeshua; He poured His life into a group of young Israelis, and together they built a lifestyle of daily worship, intercessory prayer, evangelism, and teaching.  Many of our early disciples have become leaders and are now discipling others. This “coaching” lifestyle continues to be a central element of today’s Revive Israel team culture.

For team members and new disciples alike, everyday begins with an extended time of prayer, praise and prophetic gifts, followed by a session of practical Bible teaching, all in Hebrew. These first hours of each day empower and equip us to go out and fulfill the work of the ministry.

The prayer, praise, and prophecy time serves five purposes in the following sequence:

    1. To pour out our hearts in love to the Lord in praise (Deuteronomy 6:5, Psalm 136:1)
    2. To receive the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit by our praise (Psalm 22:3, Acts 1:8)
    3. To operate in the gifts of prophecy out of our praise (Joel 2:28, II Kings 3:15)
    4. To receive and minister inner healing and deliverance (Isaiah 61:1)
    5. To intercede for the salvation of Israel and all peoples (Romans 8:26, 9:1-3, 10:1)

The teaching time emphasizes our daily walk of faith and also trains our disciples to understand the original texts of the Bible in Hebrew.

New disciples form relationships with our mentors through regular counseling, walking through many of life’s struggles together, building a firm foundation in the scriptures and committing to a growing relationship with the Lord.  We develop a strong sense of morality, respect for authority, and high standards of professionalism and stewardship, in the ministry or the marketplace.

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