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Who is Revive Israel

We are a one new man ministry comprised of followers of Yeshua, working together to bring the Kingdom of God to the heart of Israel through community life, agriculture, outreach, making disciples, and worship.


A one new man community of followers of Yeshua


Development of an organic farm for physical and spiritual food


Reaching to the heart of God and people through intimate worship

The Revive Israel Community

Revive Israel is an indigenous ministry comprised of a vibrant community of one-new man believers. This dynamic community passionately nurtures a Yeshua-centered way of life, fostering an environment where we come together with shared life and responsibilities. Each one utilizing the gifts and talents God has given. Our daily journey is marked by an invitation for God’s active presence in our lives, harmonious worship, collaborative stewardship of His creation, and the collective mission of disciple-making – each one contributing with their unique God-given gifts and talents. We invite you to become a part of our community.


Join us in community worship as we praise the God of Israel

Cultivating the land while connecting with the Creator and His Creation

Investing in the lives of the people for growing into the image of Yeshua

Experiencing the Father through intimate worship with the Creator

Where to find us


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