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Kingdom Seed – Spirit, Soul and Body

By Sarah Singerman

Have you ever seen one of those personalized world maps? The entire surface of the map is coated with a single “scratchable” color. Each time you visit a new country you scrape off that layer, revealing the color underneath. I believe the heavenly blueprint of the Kingdom of God is similar– fully there though unseen, and step by step the Lord is unveiling each facet, each nation, generation and color of His kingdom on earth.

Actually, we see progressive stages of the kingdom unfolding on earth from Genesis to Revelation. Yeshua explained it as a seed growing until the full ripening of harvest in Mark 4:26-28:

“The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground … and the seed sprouts and grows … For the earth yields crops … first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head.”

The seed carries the full DNA of each tree or plant. As it goes through the process of burial – watering – growth – blossoming – ripening, eventually its full form is revealed, though it was all present from the start.

Three in One

We can also look at the kingdom reality in each of the three parts that form us as humans: spirit, soul and body.

  1. Spirit: Already here!

From the moment we accepted Yeshua as our king, I believe our spirits fully entered into the kingdom reality. The seed of the full kingdom DNA is birthed inside our core and works its way outward from there, just as physical seed eventually sprouts and grows above the surface.

  1. Soul: At Hand!

The soul realm includes our thoughts, desires, emotions and character. I believe the kingdom is “at hand” in these aspects, and each day we have the choice to live in the Kingdom of God (watering the seed planted in our spirits), or in the kingdom of self. This leads us to the fruit of the spirit in our lives, holiness, humility and surrender to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Many of the kingdom aspects we pray for and see unfold today are in the spirit and soul realm: unity and love in our hearts among the global family of God (Yeshua’s prayer in John 17), salvation and revival in people’s spirits, etc. For example, a beautiful Egyptian sister of mine reads Isaiah 19 and says, “Me and my friends are Egypt; we are the highway” – meaning the spiritual prophecies take on flesh through us as we walk in love and unity between Egypt, Assyria and Israel. For sure, our hearts and spirits are one level of bringing the kingdom to earth, but not the full picture!

  1. Body: Yet to Come!

The final goal of the Kingdom of God is oneness between earth and heaven (Ephesians 1:10). We pray for this to come in every area of our lives, our physical bodies, finances, careers, media, entertainment, science, politics etc. However, only when Yeshua returns to earth will we see the full Kingdom here – creation and society restored to its original, perfect design.

“Your Kingdom come … on earth as it is in heaven” has become a part of our prayers and songs almost daily. But, let’s not leave it as a theoretical wish, a package waiting to be opened on the day of His return. Let’s open that package contained in the seed in our spirits, and ask the Holy Spirit how our spirits, souls and bodies can release the kingdom on earth around us today.



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