Blog New Platform for Discipleship and Evangelism to Israelis

New Platform for Discipleship and Evangelism to Israelis

By Youval and Valerie Yanay

It began during the Corona restrictions on public gatherings. Together with several others at Revive Israel and friends, we started to develop a modest-sized farming area, just several hundred meters from our offices, as a new platform for indigenous discipleship and evangelism to Israelis.

There was suddenly this opportunity to bring into visible reality a vision that we have had for years. Along with the Revive Israel Community, we are excited to report the successful completion of the discipleship endeavor “40 Days of Fire” which took place in August and September. Between staff and participants, about ten people took part in activities throughout the day, as staff members shuffled other ministry responsibilities. The activities included worship, Bible teaching, farm work, kitchen duty and weekly times of serving needy Israelis, such as homeless men and women in Tel Aviv.
Forty days is the amount of time Moses, Elijah and Yeshua each spent with God in the wilderness at a single time.

In spite of a few days over 100 degrees, the fire we were looking for was not physical. We were inviting the fire of God to work in our lives, for the moving of the Spirit in daily times of worship and the Word, and even in daily life together in community with the small frictions and annoyances that test us and bring out impurities.

“People warned me the farm work would be hard, but it has actually been good. The fact that I learned to use a pick and hoe, and make farming terraces―was grace. And to be able to do it with joy and a smile, while receiving from God, in His creation… Wow! I did not expect it. Even waking up at 5 AM has not been so bad, and we take breaks in the morning to share in God’s Word together while drinking coffee. You get revelations. Digging old roots out of the ground is like getting rid of bad roots from my heart. When I saw Tal breaking large rocks I was reminded of how the Word of God can break all kinds of spiritual obstacles in my life (Jeremiah 23:29). I wish I could continue for another 40 days.”

“I experienced new levels of God’s presence during the worship times. Working outside gave me time to think. When I had to take out roots from the ground, I felt God tell me to take something bad out of my heart, something from childhood, some kind of unbelief that the Holy Spirit had to take out. The same day they talked about the Father’s love and something broke through. The physical work also gave me satisfaction.”

The Goals of the Revive Israel Community Farm Discipleship Center:
1. To praise God and magnify His name through His creation.
2. To create a place where believers will be able to devote time in order to strengthen their faith and grow closer to Yeshua.
3. To be a place of peace that attracts Israelis who seek spirituality, so that they can learn about the Creator and meet Yeshua.
4. To bring about unity and community formation around farm work.

P.S. We are excited to give you this report. Stay tuned for updates on discipleship and evangelism. We invite all who have this on their heart to please join in as patrons for this new platform. A special thanks to those who have already sown with prayer and finances!

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