Blog What’s in front of you right now? What part of the wall are you called to rebuild in this season?

What’s in front of you right now? What part of the wall are you called to rebuild in this season?

By Tal Haroni

For the past year and a half, all of our lives have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions and disruptions. I feel like we all have had to stop and push “reset” on our lives. I believe God is calling us in a strategic way. He is positioning us for the next move from Him.

I’ve personally had to change my approach. I used to travel internationally, then suddenly the gates for leaving Israel were closed. I had to change my perspective and my focus in life. So, I started really praying and asking the Lord, “What are You doing and where are You positioning me?”
God spoke to me from the book of Nehemiah about building a wall of protection. One of the beautiful aspects that occurred during the days of Nehemiah was the rebuilding and repairing of the broken, breached wall around Jerusalem. Each family was responsible for a certain part of the wall.

I had to change my whole perspective and mindset. I signed up for university studies. Without the option to go abroad, I felt I had to focus on what God had put in my hands in this season.

Getting back to the scripture … each family and individual had a part of the wall that they were to build. It was beautiful for me to see that we cannot fix the whole world. We cannot focus on other people’s segment of the wall. We are all part of the same wall, the same body. But each one of us is positioned and called for a certain strategic place in order to fix our part of the wall, the part that is in front of us. At first I tried hard to keep going as before and maintain the same contact with people abroad. I kept trying to see my life the way I saw it before, but I couldn’t because God was repositioning me, at a certain part of the wall for which I had to care and build. He was calling me personally to build the local believers here in Israel, especially the young adults through discipleship with Revive Israel; and He was calling me to share the gospel with other Israelis as I study for my master’s degree as a family counselor, in a secular Israeli college in the town of Rishon Le’Zion.

If everyone only works on one single segment of the wall, the entire wall won’t be rebuilt and gaps will remain. We have to accept our calling, accept the way the body needs to function, concentrate on what is before us right now in this season and not look at what we used to be doing or what others are doing now. Yes, this season might be less glamorous, or maybe it might be harder than before. God is positioning each of us, calling us all to prepare the world itself for revival and His second coming. We are to trust God’s strategic positioning of each of us in our section of the wall.

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