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Discipleship Initiatives Sprouting

By Valerie Yanay

This spring’s main discipleship training session, called “40 Days of Fire,” began successfully on the first day of May.

We want to be “on fire” for the Lord, filled with love for Yeshua, and putting Him in the center of our lives. We started out with 8 students. Sadly, one of them had to drop out for now. He is a new believer from a religious background who experienced many traumas earlier in life. He heard the good news, came to visit and received Yeshua in his heart; but is still struggling to let go of his past. We know there is healing for him in Yeshua. Please pray that he would find peace and wholeness.

So now we have 7 students. Some are new believers. All are very thirsty for the Lord’s presence. We started by getting to know each other and working together on the farm. On the second day, in addition to the teaching we had a great worship session out in the farming area. Then we heard each other’s testimonies. It was very inspiring.

The students eat many of their meals with host families. Every day we open the Scriptures and go through chapters together. Several times weekly we help shepherd the goats, plus tend vegetables and prepare ground for planting on a large new slope. To prepare the ground we are removing rocks and old roots and building stone terraces. Other regular activities include field trips to feed a pray with the homeless in South Tel Aviv, as well as a weekly worship night open to visitors.

We spent Memorial Day and Israeli Independence Day with the broader community of families at the Yad Hashmona Messianic village. Then we had a day of hiking on the same ancient road to Emmaus mentioned in Luke 24:13-35, where two disciples’ had an eye-opening walk with the resurrected Messiah (See photos).

Please pray for each of the students and staff to be strengthened in the Lord and know Him more.


In addition to the intensive Springtime session, we are also in the middle of a 9 month women’s program called “Awake, Awake Deborah.” Together we are putting off slumber and receiving God’s grace to grow as women of courage and truth. Twenty ladies meet together for a full day once a month. Each time we address a different theme and serve together. It’s simple but exciting.

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