Discipleship Center

Making disciples is the calling of every believer. It is our passion and desire to see young people develop a deep and intimate relationship with Yeshua as they devote time to strengthening their relationship with God, serve those in need, who need the power and love of Yeshua most, worship daily together, and as iron sharpens iron, hold each other accountable as they live life together. Learn more about the Revive Israel Community’s Discipleship Program is creating a lasting impact and how lives being transformed.

Your Kingdom Come

A three-month program, living on the moshav, working on the farm with in-depth study, prayer, worship, and serving the community, equipped to return to their communities, plant seeds, cultivate, and help others to grow.

One New Man

The One New Man project allows people from the nations to connect with the Revive Israel Community in the Land – to get to know us on a deeper level, to worship and work together, and to deepen our connection with the Lord as one new man.

Blessed Family

A year-long program designed to support, uplift, and strengthen families. We host one meeting every other month, where each meeting has a specialized focus: Father, mother, and children, and with activities that revolve around the farm.

Testimonial by David

“During the 40 days, the Lord changed a lot inside of me. One of the areas where I needed a big change was to really forgive. This was a breakthrough in my personal life. Not only to forgive others for what they have done to me, but also to bless them.”

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