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We live in a day and age when young people are pulled in every direction – perhaps even more so here in Israel with the cultural, political, and social divisions that exist even within the body of believers. Our hearts are for all young people to have a deep and intimate relationship with Yeshua. With God’s leading, discipleship has become an integral part of the heart, passion, and prayer of the Revive Israel Community. We have seen wonderful fruit in the last two years with intensive learning of God’s Word through worshiping and living together, serving on the organic farm, and reaching out to the needy. 

Together with one of our dear Arab sisters in Yeshua, who is a part of the Revive Israel Community, the Holy Spirit laid on our hearts a desire for discipleship training solely in Arabic and for Arabic-speaking young people to experience God in this unique program. 

Yeshua reconciled us on the cross, and while our people groups teach hostility towards the other, we have a deep love for one another.

“Abraham’s Tent” is a vision that came to fruition as a 4-day intensive discipleship training pilot for Arabic speakers to experience God and the power of the Holy Spirit in their mother tongue in a deep, intimate life-changing way. 

Together with our dynamic team of Arabic-speaking pastors and leaders with amazing gifts for teaching, training, and discipling, we saw transformation as they spent time working on the organic farm learning about creation and the Creator, studying and discussing the Scriptures, praying through the Word of God and charting a new course for the future.

In Arab culture, most don’t speak openly about the difficult things taking place in their homes or in their lives, yet while in this safe space participants were able to open up their hearts to one another and in prayer before God. 

It is in oneness, community, and unity where hearts are knit together, especially in one’s own language, to experience revival and the power of God. Hear these young men and women’s share about God working in their lives during the discipleship training.


Testimonies of the Participants:

“S” from Bethlehem

It was a new experience. Through the work in the field I encountered the Lord and understood the parables of Jesus in a deeper way. While tugging the weeds out of the ground, I realized how important it is to clear the soil of your heart. The Lord showed me things that are hidden under the surface inside my heart, like weed-roots that I need to remove so they don’t choke my life.

I understood that plants need sun, water and soil; and likewise I need to take in God’s Word and I need regular time in prayer. My relationship with the Lord is made up of several factors and if one of them is missing I will not be able to live.

While working in the field, I prayed, and I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon me, things that cannot be expressed in words (Romans 8:26-27)

I was very blessed by the connection between creation and the Creator, working on the land and serving God. It changed the way I read and understand the Scriptures.

Community life – without walls and without separation between people I felt like I was at home, that I was in my spiritual family. I saw everyone pitching in at mealtimes, performing their task; and this made me get up and wash the dishes – for the first time in my life. Others were always serving me in this way at home growing up, but here I realized the importance of me being a servant to others. 

“M” from Ramallah

From the very first day I was blessed by the times we were together, and I felt like family.

Working the soil was hard physically, but at the same time was a pleasure and joy. It is similar to my journey with the Lord. It is joyful, but there are difficulties and you have to make an effort if you want to see fruit. 

During the weeding, the Lord showed me that I should rehabilitate my mindset, restore my ways of thinking and how I perceive things. I know what is right but I don’t always do it – God showed me this and showed me that I need to rebuild. I saw that wrong priorities have prevented me from seeing God and hearing His calling for my life. Now I realize that even when I experience loss, I need to believe and know that God has prepared bigger and better things for me. God showed me that this process of getting to the root of things, and of restoration will not be easy. I am now ready to start.

I learned that in creation there is an order that God has established. Everything happens in order. First prepare the soil and only then plant and sow. God blesses what I do if it is done in the order He created and according to His plan. I have to follow His order and plan and not mine. The program gave me a starting point and new hope in my journey with the Lord.

“N” from Hebron

I started reading a book before I got here, and a sentence from the book really encouraged me: “One step at a time.” While praying together in the program, this came up again and again. While we pray and praise we are solving problems in the spirit realm, and every spiritual act has an effect on what happens in our life.

All my life I wanted to reach the invisible spiritual world but I didn’t want to go there alone. Here I found a group with which I could dare to enter the spiritual world – supporting and strengthening each other.

During prayer, reading the Scriptures, praising and especially while working in the field, God gave me confirmation to take one step at a time because it is not easy for me to say yes to the Lord and submit to Him. 

“L” from Jerusalem

I saw the kingdom of God in the program and community life that I was exposed to. I saw His character in them and in the way they behaved.

I’m usually a spoiled person, I don’t like working in the mud and cold. But in the program I realized that there is more depth to working in the land, in direct contact with God’s creation. There is a spiritual dimension in God’s creation as indicated in Romans 1:20. 

Since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made…”

Please join us in prayer for “S” “M” “N” and “L.” 


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