King David’s Stables Equine Therapy

Ten years ago, Revive Israel began partnering with King David Stables to bring therapeutic horseback riding to children with special needs. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to finance riding lessons for over 100 children. In the beginning, we primarily served children from single-parent families that had behavioral and academic struggles. But as we began to see the incredible results of the horse therapy, we extended the lessons to other, local children with various challenges.

The lessons are provided by a father-son team who guide and teach the children the art of horseback riding with love and tenderness. The combination of learning the techniques, balancing on horseback, following direction, and caring for the horses helps facilitate healing and regulation of the mind and body. We’ve additionally provided a special tutor to assist the children with their schoolwork. The parents have reported significant improvement in behavior, progress in academic achievement, and a reduction in violence and aggression.

“We can already see a change in the students, even the ones that only recently joined the stables. When, at the beginning, most children were asked how they are, they would look to the ground and mumbled ‘ok.’ Now they look you in the eyes and respond back.”

We thank God for this unique opportunity to foster wholeness in children. Every year we sponsor 40 kids to participate in horse therapy, which is estimated at $50,000.
Partner with us and together we will change the lives of the children and single moms in Israel.

Testimony of a Mother

“I have two handsome boys, aged sixteen and fourteen. This summer Ariel suffered from a very deep depression. It was just something that I didn’t know how to deal with. Somebody told me about these stables. Ariel started riding and it totally changed his life. He said to me, ‘Mom, I wake up every morning, and I have a reason to get out of bed.’ This has been a beautiful change in his life and for so many children. I am very, very thankful for Revive Israel. Without their help we would not be able to pay for this.” Veronica


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