Our Father God

By Tal Haroni

What makes a father a father? The fact that he has a son or daughter!

“But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” John 1:12 

From the moment we accept Yeshua into our lives, we receive the status of sons. The Lord invites us to become His sons and daughters, to receive the same status as Yeshua. 

I remember once, several years ago, my father sent me to have something fixed in my car. He is a car mechanic and is known at various garages in the area. He assured me everything would be fine since he had spoken with the manager. I entered the garage with confidence and acted just like my father would. I requested the repair, and even though it was just me there, I felt someone had my back, as if my father was physically there with me. I used my father’s name and knew to whom I belonged. It didn’t bother me that I was a girl, that I looked small and didn’t understand cars. I had no need to, because my father had already arranged everything. This is exactly the validation given to us as sons and daughters of God. We ourselves don’t need to be strong or experts in something. It is enough that God, our Father in heaven, is for us, and on our side. It is enough that we believe that He has arranged everything for us, enough that we know that He has authority in this world and He gives us the authority to walk in it. 

As a family counselor, I have gotten to work with adoptive parents. They raise children who were once orphans. Research shows that orphaned children, especially those who have not experienced life in a family; or orphans without a stable father figure in their lives, become more exposed to struggles and challenges. It includes challenges such as depression, low self esteem, anger attacks, and a tendency to live life without any aspirations for the future. (1. Tatyana I. Shulga, 2016) 

The person who doesn’t know their father will often become independent, thinking that they can trust only themselves and not anyone else. They will often go around the world thinking that something is missing. After all, God created us to be a part of a family, he always wanted us to have clear and stable father figures, and therefore it is no wonder that without a figure like this, we will feel that something is missing. It doesn’t matter how much we search, there are no perfect fathers or mothers, and all of us experience a lack. But, whoever knows the Lord and knows that God is their father – can live their lives with the confidence that someone cares for him.  Whoever knows God as father has aspirations for the future. This person knows that there is One who works for his good, someone bigger than him that he can rely on. Whoever knows God as father can go around the world with the sense that he has everything, even if the circumstances aren’t easy, he knows that someone is by his side and has his back.        

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18 

In Yeshua’s final words to His disciples, He assures them that He will not leave them as orphans. Yeshua gave us the Holy Spirit so we could have a direct relationship with the Father. God the Father never wanted His children to walk as orphans in this world He wanted them to be a part of a family, of the family of God. He wanted to be our Father and therefore gave us access through Yeshua’s sacrifice on the cross.    

I personally know a girl who was adopted into a family when she was 5 years old. Until then, she had moved between children’s homes and foster families. She shares that when she finally arrived at the family, she felt she had finally won. She knew that from that moment, she belonged. She had a place, received new brothers and sisters and parents. Her insecurity began to slowly disappear. This is how it is when we receive Yeshua – we stop being orphans and receive the status of sons and daughters before the Father. We are adopted into a spiritual family, we have new brothers and sisters, and we receive a new identity in the Lord.  

“For in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.” Galatians 3:26 

Thanks to our faith in Yeshua, we are adopted into the loving arms of the Father. We can see God the Father, our Father. He invites us to find hope and get out of despair, to live knowing to whom we belong. To know that it is possible to lean on Him and trust in Him. He invites us to  succeed in all that we do. (Psalm 1:3, Jeremiah 17:7-8) He wants us! When we adopt the identity of a son or daughter of God, we allow the Lord our Father to take the place of a father. We are not called to walk as orphans in this world!  We have a Father in the heavens that cares for us, knows us, and loves us without limits or conditions. So, no matter what happened in your life, what kind of a father you had, or if you became accustomed to doing everything on your own, or how alone you feel, you have a Father and He is always with you! 


  1. Tatyana I. Shulga, D’ D’. (2016). Psychological Characteristics of Adolescents Orphans with Different Experience of Living in a Family. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL & SCIENCE EDUCATION, 10493-10504.
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