One body: Israelis Joining Brazilians in Service

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Thank you for helping to change lives in Brasil!

Thank you for helping to change lives in Brasil!

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We are working together to bring the Kingdom of God to the heart of Israel through community life, outreach, making disciples, and worship. As we make disciples, these young people have the opportunity to bring the Gospel to the nations and share the love of Yeshua with the vulnerable and those most in need. 

In August, leaders from the Revive Israel Community together with a number of young adults will be heading to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, to serve in the “favelas”, consisting of some of this city’s most deprived neighborhoods. These communities are so affected by poverty and crime that the only way to change their realities is by investing in future generations. The team will be working in partnership with a number of local ministries that focus on needy families, especially children. Our team will be carrying out a wide range of activities such as food distribution, workshops, evangelism, and more. They will also be visiting local churches and sharing the Word of God.

This is not the first time that the leaders from Revive Israel have visited Brazil to serve. During their last visit, they experienced such power and presence of the Holy Spirit that was not because of them or the Brazilian leaders, but because their hearts were united as one in Yeshua. They became one new man in flesh and reflected Yeshua not only through individual acts, but together in unity, so that the people in these communities could see Yeshua in the flesh. (John 17) This time, a number of young adults will be joining some of our leaders, as they serve together and reach the most hurting. 

This mission to Brazil not only allows for our team to share the love of Yeshua with the most vulnerable and needy, but also gives these young adults a unique opportunity to learn servant-leadership, putting others before themselves, and working with others in unity with each other and our team in Brazil. It is an opportunity to change the lives of future generations in these communities and to bring hope where there is despair. We believe that this will be a time when we will see the body of the Messiah moving in unity, just as we saw during the first visit to Brazil in 2019.

We ask that you pray for the protection of the team during their time in Brazil and that the seeds of the Kingdom and revival find fertile ground in the hearts of those who the team will be ministering to. Pray for these communities to experience the light and love of Yeshua and the word goes forth from Israel!


This trip will be led by Raphael and Liel Almeida. Raphael was born in 1995 in Sao Paulo to a Brazilian Jewish family who made aliyah and immigrated to Israel when he was eight years old. Though the family made a new home in Israel, Brazil and Portuguese have always been a part of their home and heart. Following Raphael’s release from the IDF, he began speaking Portuguese more and more, creating connections with Pastors and Leaders in Brazil, and working to strengthen the relationship between Brazil and Israel. Raphael has a growing love for working with and reaching the people of Brazil.

Testimonies From Youth & Leaders

“During Mission Israel – Brazil 2019, we experienced the incredible power of unity and love. As we served together in the favelas, our hearts were united in Yeshua.” Eduardo

“Participating in Mission Israel – Brazil 2019 was truly life-changing. As we worked with local ministries, we witnessed the unity and together were able to shine Yeshua’s light on these communities.” Kamila  

“Mission Israel – Brazil 2019 revealed the beauty of unity in action. As we served in the favelas, we became one, radiating His love and compassion. The experience not only touched the lives of those we ministered to but it also deeply touched our own hearts.” Jonathan

More Testimonies From Teens

“Through Mission Israel – Brazil 2019, we were privileged to be vessels of God’s love, actively bringing about change. The presence of Yeshua was evident in our collective efforts.” Gabriela 

“Being part of Mission Israel – Brazil 2019 was an extraordinary opportunity to be the hands and feet of Yeshua. We witnessed lives being transformed and communities impacted by the immense power of God’s love. The experience left an lasting mark on our hearts.” Katia

“Mission Israel – Brazil 2019 taught us the importance of friendship and family. As we served together in the favelas, we formed deep bonds of friendship and found a sense of belonging within our team. We became a family, supporting and encouraging one another in our mission to spread Yeshua’s love. The experience not only impacted the lives of those we served but also strengthened our relationships as brothers and sisters in faith.” Roberto  

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