Walking in the Light

By Marcel Rebiai

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:34-35

Whether or not we live in trust and obedience to Jesus is often revealed by the way we live out our relationships with our fellow disciples.

The mutual love between Jesus’ followers becomes evident through the sincerity and loyalty of their relationships with those God has placed alongside them.

This is where God’s secret lies for healing and fulfilment in our lives. If we don’t draw away from our neighbours but encounter them with grace and justice, if we refrain from making negative comments, belittling and criticising others, if we instead allow our lives to be put right and show others the forgiving and encouraging power of God’s love with grace and benevolence, then our lives will flourish (see Isaiah 58:7-11).

A life committed to the light, to truth and fellowship, allows us to experience real belonging and a true home. It offers us protection against the ever-present lies of this life, which everyone who does not open up to God’s light or enter into fellowship with others is exposed to. This world is full of different messages and promises which ultimately have one sole aim: to exploit us. However, through living in God’s light and having committed relationships with those who love Him, we are protected from this exploitation. This is the only way that we can mature into the prosperous people that our Creator and Author envisaged us to be. A Creator who, through Jesus, became our friend and Father.

This devotional is taken from the book To See God by Marcel Rebiai. If you would like to order your own copy, please email us here, [email protected].

Marcel Rebiai is a board member of Revive Israel, and is inspiration for our community. Marcel was born in Algiers in 1953. He came to Switzerland as a war orphan and received faith in Jesus in his youth, which changed his life and made him a messenger of God’s love in Jesus. Since then, he has been faithfully working for the building of the community of Messiah. Marcel is the founder of the “Community of Reconciliation”, an organization that works for reconciliation between Jews and Arabs based on God’s forgiveness and love in Christ. Marcel teaches in various settings around the world about the love that God revealed to us in Jesus, a love that enables reconciliation. Marcel has been living in Jerusalem for the last 30 years, is married to Regula, and has four children and eleven grandchildren.

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